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About Us

Ken & Cindy met in 1999 and soon fell in love. Cindy moved to Texas in 2000 and Ken proposed to her on July 6, 2000. They married on July 6, 2001 in Cresson, TX surrounded by their two youngest children, Ken’s folks, his sister & her children, and a few close friends.

In May 2001, Cindy moved back to Idaho as she was offered a great IT job at the WSU Libraries. Ken moved to Idaho in July—just after they were married. He brought a white Longhorn bull, our dog, and the stock trailer. The remainder of our Texas Longhorns were shipped soon after. It was wonderful to wake up and see those beautiful creatures in the front pasture.

We enjoyed beautiful days on the ranch with my mom & dad. Mom passed away in October 2003 from breast cancer after a courageous 7 year battle. The youngest boy joined the Army in 2005—he went on his last deployment to Iraq in 2011 and he & his wife just had a baby in June 2015 (Connor Cain Patrick - was 4 weeks premature but perfect!). He joined their all-boy group (Sebastian, Brenton, and Spencer) and they are such a blessing to us.

Our youngest girl graduated from UNH in 2009 and got married while we were back there in June 2009. It was a very special time. We rode our Victory Vision from Idaho to New Hampshire for the big events. It was a spectacular adventure. She has a one son (Wesley) and a step-daughter (Lilly). Wesley was born 4 weeks premature but has thrived and grown and is such a sweet young man. We are currently at grandchild #18 - our oldest is nearly 22 and the youngest is 9 months. Our oldest granddaughter is graduated from high school in May 2014 and we rode our Victory Vision down to Texas to attend - it was a blast! The weather was horrid but we were together and with family in Texas so it was all worth it! The next to graduate will be our granddaughter Ashleigh (spring 2017) and then Yasemin (spring 2018) - both from Lago Vista High School in Texas. We are so proud of all of our grandchildren - their accomplishments and their growth! We have an amazing family.

In 2006, Ken was diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. This is a genetic condition which, for Ken, has affected the lower lobes of his lungs with early onset emphysema. He is currently having weekly infusions of Zemaira and has been holding his own since his diagnosis. Our grandson, Wesley, was diagnosed with the same genetic condition within a year of his birth. He will have a jump on it because he will know from the start that he should NEVER 1) smoke or be around smoke, 2) be in a polluted environment; or 3) chose a career (such as firefighting) that would expose his lungs to very harmful elements.

At the Easter Vigil 2009, Ken & I were confirmed into the Catholic faith. Our marriage was blessed by the amazing Father Joseph Schmidt on Easter Sunday. We have become extremely involved in our parish and enjoy attending mass, working with the RCIA team, being Eucharistic ministers (Ken is the coordinator), and Ken is also involved heavily in the Family Promise of the Palouse. We thoroughly enjoy those in our parish (St. Mary’s, Moscow, ID) and will continue our faith journey there. Summer 2010 we were accepted into the Lay Ministry Formation program (a 4-year program). It was a privilege to be involved with this program and we learned so much about our faith and so much more. Ken graduated from this in August 2014 and was accepted in the Deacon Formation program. He is slated to be ordained in October 2016! I stepped away for a couple of years so I could complete my B.S. degree from WGU Washington in Health Informatics - which I did November 2016. If anyone every told you online education was easy - they were not telling you the truth! But it was an amazing journey and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire learning process.

We are celebrating our 15th year together and can’t believe that time has just flown by. We’re still on our honeymoon!