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Longhorn Web Design

Cindy Ellis is the owner of Longhorn Web Design. Please send an email to: elliscj AT if you are interested in obtaining a quote or simply have problems.

Cindy has been designing websites since the late 1990's. She started by learning HTML and PhotoShop and using those to make, what we probably see now as, very crude websites. She has continued to learn various software programs - web design, photo, some perl, some cgi - to help continue to offer her skills to those in need of a reasonably priced web designer ($50/hour for initial design; no additional charge for initial changes; $35/hour for other changes after initial period). She has begun using Drupal (a content management system) to create websites that are easier to maintain, keep current & fresh, and to train others to make these changes as well.

Cindy does a fair amount of design for non-profits and feels this is her vocation. She is not against making a few dollars to help you get your web presence designed. However, her sites are simple and basic - nothing too fancy - just straightforward and easy to use. If this appeals to you, please contact her at your convenience for an estimate.

I do not do the maintenance on these sights but I did create them and continue to assist the webmasters in tweaking, revising, etc. In fact, I will be assisting St. Mary's in moving towards the use of a content management system (CMS) later this year. It will help to make things easier to edit, revise, publish & unpublish information. Stay tuned!