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Our Story

Photo of Ken, Cindy, and Ken's mom

We have made many transitions these past few years. While you might remember this website as a Longhorn cattle breeders' site for some time, we have had to sell all of our Longhorns. Ken has a genetic condition that affects his lungs in a huge way & we decided the ranch & hay & cattle were not the best match for him since he’s allergic to everything from grass and hay to mold and dust (all the stuff on the ranch basically).

So we bought a beautiful home in Colfax, WA. We love it and are enjoying living in a slightly larger town. The people here are friendly, like a small town, but with a few of the bigger town things like a huge library, several restaurants & fast food places, plus a great hardware store. Oh, and did I mention delivery pizza?? Oh yeah!

This site will become mostly a repository for links to Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, travel, genealogy, our Catholic faith, & other family specific items. We intend to keep making improvements and updates as genealogy information is acquired from other genealogists in our blended family.

I continue to create websites for a select group of individuals for fun & (non)profit. See the link to Longhorn Web Design and check out the websites I have created recently. (Update: With all the time spent on my degree program & Ken's Lay Ministry program, we have had little time for website design.)

God bless & we pray for peace & love worldwide—won’t you?